How To

How to Web Viewer

By opening the invite URL of a room created in the iOS/Android app with a PC browser, you can use the Web Viewer.

Web Viewer Features

The Web Viewer does not allow you to roll dice, but it does allow you to see the dice rolls taking place in the room.

No sign in, and there is no limit to the number of users.

In Tabletop RPG and Board Games, the game master is in charge of room creation and dice rolls with the app, and the participants can watch the dice rolls with the Web Viewer.

System Requirements

Only PC (Mac/Windows) is supported.

Recommended browser: GoogleChrome

If you can’t run it in Safari, you need to update your macOS to “Monterey” or higher.

Web Viewer is small/large in relation to browser window size

Please use your browser’s zoom function to adjust the size of the image.

Click here to learn more about GoogleChrome’s zoom function.