System Requirements

Only available for Macs with Apple silicon, from AppStore Please install it. Please note that it does not support room entry via the invitation URL.
Supported OS: macOS 11.0 and above
Operating model: iPhone6 or higher, iPad compatible
Recommended models: iPhone8 and above, iPad (8th generation, Air3, Mini5, Pro2) and above
Supported OS: iOS 11.0 and above
Supported OS: Android 7.0 or higher
Supported Graphics API:OpenGLES 3.0 or higher
Web Viewer
Only PC (Mac/Windows) is supported.
Recommended browser: GoogleChrome
Safari is supported on macOS Monterey and above.

About the Room

How do I invite my friends to a room I’ve created?
Tap the “INVITE” button at the bottom right of the room screen to share the invitation URL.
Your friends can enter the room by tapping the invitation URL on their device or scanning the QR code. For more details, please see How to Enter Room.
What should I do if I can’t enter the room from the invitation URL or QR code?
You can enter the ROOM by tapping the “ENTER ROOM” button on the room screen and entering the Room ID that your friend shared with you. For more details, please see How to Enter Room.
What is a Web Viewer?

About User Accounts

Can I sign in to the same account on multiple devices at the same time?
It is possible to sign in, but it does not support the normal operation of the entire application. For example, when you enter a room, the room entry status will not be reflected immediately on other devices (in this case, it will be reflected after restarting). Also, there is a possibility of unexpected behavior.
Can I use the app without logging in (without connecting to the network)?
Due to the nature of the app, a network connection is required.

About Premium Plan

Please tell me about the features with Premium Plan.
Please see Premium Plan Features.
How to unsubscribed?
The procedure will vary depending on the payment method you have used. For more details, please see How to unsubscribed Premium Plan.
What happens if I change my device between iOS and Android?
The status of your Premium Plan is tied to your Apple ID on iOS and your Google account on Android. Please cancel your Premium Plan on the device before the change, and then purchase a Premium Plan again on the new device after the change.